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OK. You are stuck at home and dealing with social isolation. You have sorted your sock drawer in your dresser and tossed out half the stuff in your kitchen junk drawer. Now what?

Well we have some suggestions for things you can access from your computer or smart device that will keep you busy until Christmas when you will be allowed to function normally again. The opportunities are endless, so try some out. Here they are:

Latest ones in Red

  • For tips on how to celebrate the holidays during the pandemic, click HERE.
  • These photos each capture an amazing story and memories of moments in history. To see them, click HERE
  • Enjoy these clever road signs by clicking HERE and HERE
  • Read Glenn Frazer's "We Remember" letter by clicking HERE.
  • Go to YouTube which has a gazzilion videos covering all sorts of topics. Just search for quilting, Tiger Woods, landslides, Spitfires, or any other topic that pleases you, and you will find lots to choose from. There was a recent one posted by the TSO called Appalachian Spring where the performers recorded their part of the music at home using a tick track. Jeffrey Beecher, Principal Bass took 48 hours to splice all the parts together. Check it out at
  • TED Talks These are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages. Ideas free to stream and download.
  •  If you want to take a course on a fascinating topic, click HERE to check out the Great Courses  website. They are offering free courses for a month. Learn Everything About Anything. Stream unlimited courses on topics from science, history, philosophy, photography, cooking, literature, and more. Explore a world of knowledge with over 11,000 videos, and try it for FREE!
  • The Third Age Network, an umbrella organization for seniors education groups, has put together a list of more than 25 online museums, course, travel and other opportunities to enjoy in the comfort of your favourite computer chair. To see this extensive list, click HERE.
  • And speaking of museums, here’s another website to help you graze them online. Click HERE.
  • If you have the Audible App on your smart device, they are offering a number of audible books for free. Check it out HERE.
  • Want to sing online? Check this out by clicking HERE.
  • Hot Docs at home – Gordon Lightfoot. Click HERE                                                    
  • Toronto attractions to view from home. Click HERE
  • For jazz club members, why not binge-listen to Alex Pangman's JAZZCAST radio show?! There are more than 20 episodes available HERE .  
  •  The Globe published an article about how to travel without leaving home. You can view Stonehenge or walk the Great Wall. To gaze the article, click HERE.                         

      So there you have it. A plethora of ideas to choose from that can keep you busy from morning to night without watching Netflix. So get crackin.

      If you have any additions, please email to

      East York Probus Club    Meeting at St Cuthbert's Church, 1399 Bayview Ave., 3rd Wednesday of every month at 1:15 PM  

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